February 2017

President’s Message

As I write this message at the end of January, it will be a couple of weeks before our monthly meeting. The newsletter goes to the printer well in advance of when you receive it. The month of January was cold but snowfall was minimal. Hopefully this February’s weather will be the same. As a reminder, sidewalks should be shoveled and cleared of snow four hours after the snowfall has ended. If you are unable to shovel or remove the snow please ask for help.

At our January meeting, Officer Tom Podd from the 63rd precinct gave a crime prevention presentation. Much of his advice was basic common sense – don’t open the door to strangers; don’t leave personal items in your car; be aware of your surroundings and when using ATM’s always check the slot before putting in your bank card. Scammers can copy your information and quickly use it. There have been a couple of instances in the Marine Park community. We have mentioned this before but please be sure your house number is clearly visible preferably with a light above it. In the event of an emergency, police, fire or EMS responders shouldn’t have to search for the correct address. You can contact officer Tom Podd to arrange for a free home safety evaluation – his email address is

The MPCA has been contacted by some residents regarding over development and homes being built up to a neighbor’s property line. It’s a difficult process to deal with city agencies but homeowners have to be diligent and call 311 and local politicians to address building concerns. Work permits are issued but once the work starts somehow plans change and are not as originally stated. We all have to be aware of new construction in our community because it will affect all of us – one day it could be a building next door to our own home.

Our membership renewal letters have been mailed out. Thank you to those of you who continue to be a member and please encourage a neighbor to join. Remember we have a hotline where you can contact us with any concerns you might have and you can always join us at our monthly meeting the third Tuesday of every month (except for July and August). I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Bob Tracey

President, MPCA

“Brooklyn Proud “®



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