President's Message 



June 2016


As I write this President’s message we are enjoying an early summer day – 80 degrees and lots of sunshine. With summer approaching, families and friends will be gathering for special occasions, barbeques and block parties. Marine Park is a great place to live but sometimes we need a few reminders to ensure everyone has a safe, fun time while being considerate of their neighbors. Just a few thoughts I would like to share with you.

1. Try to keep shared driveways clear.

2. Treat your neighbors as you would like to be treated.

3. Clean up after your animals – curb your dogs in the gutter, not on the sidewalk. Always keep your dog on a leash. Obey park rules for dogs.

4. Try your best to put out garbage as late as you can the night before pick up. Keep garbage pails tightly covered.

5. Keep front and rear yards trimmed and maintained.

6. Be a Block watcher – act as the eyes and ears for the police.

7. Sweep 18" from the curb – help prevent meters or alternate side parking from coming to our neighborhood.

8. Keep the level of sound at a reasonable level. If you are having a party, consider your neighbors and lower the volume at a reasonable hour. This applies to cars also.

9. In the Fall, pick up and dispose of leaves properly.

10. Find out when and where community organizations meet – MPCA Civic Assoc., Community Board Council, Precinct Council, etc.. Attend if you can. Your input is important.

11. Try to support community events that are sponsored by Community Organizations.

12. Don’t forget summer concerts in the park – it would be nice to see you there.

At our community meeting on Tuesday, June 21st, we will have our 90th annual installation of Officers and Board members. This year is our 90th anniversary and we will be holding a dinner/dance at Buck-ley’s Restaurant on Tuesday, Sept. 27th. We will discuss the dinner dance in more detail at our June meeting.

As the end of June approaches it marks the end of another Civic sea-son. We don’t publish a newsletter or hold general meetings during July and August but that doesn’t mean we close down operations. If you have an issue, question or concern that you think we can be of assistance with, please contact us on our hotline, website or Face book. We will keep you posted on our website regarding any issues that arise. I hope everyone has a safe, fun summer.


Bob Tracey

President, MPCA

“Brooklyn Proud “®



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