President's Message 

I think back two years and remember when I was writing my first President's message.  It was always relatively easy, since there were so many things I could write about.  If not for our editor saying "where's the message, I need to finish the newsletter"  and my nagging wife saying how much are you writing, I'm the one who has to type it, the message could have been three pages long.  Some advice for incoming President, Bob Tracey, try to keep the message to under 400 words.

 A Presidency is only as good as all of its working parts.  I'd like to thank those working parts for making my job easier.  In particular, Therese Campbell and Tom Whitford who were like another pair of legs for me when my body wasn't working very well.  To Marco Panicali, who did an excellent job with our newsletter, website and Facebook page.  These were items I knew I didn't have to worry about. To Sebastian Crociata, our 1st VP, who did a great job as my back up when I was not available.  Oh, and don't let me forget my wife, Maria, who put up with all my issues and problems the past 2 years and to the entire Board of Directors for without their help many events would not be possible.  Also, thanks to our elected and agency officials who I worked closely with when dealing with issues that affected our neighborhood.  But most of all a huge thanks to the general membership of the Marine Park Civic. You great people made it possible for me to want to do the job of president.   

 Now, with the end of June approaching and the end of another Civic season upon us, that doesn't mean we close down operations for the summer.  So, just because we don't publish a newsletter and have general meetings in July and August, we do not close up shop. I've always found it to be busier during the summer months.  If you have an issue, question or concern that you think we can be of assistance with, whether it be zoning, police, parks, etc. contact us at our website or Facebook page, or give us a call and leave a message on our hot line and someone will call you back.

 So please join us on Tuesday, June 17th for our 88th annual installation celebration and enjoy an evening with friends and neighbors.

 I guess I should sign off now, since I'm sure I'm running out of space (I'm only allowed so much).  I look forward to September, when a new season of meetings start and I will be right there sitting with all of you.

 Have a great summer and be safe.  


Jim Ivaliotis


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